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Service Enterprise

Service Enterprise

Reimagining Service believes that one way to increase the impact of volunteering is to encourage nonprofits to become service enterprises. A service enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on the social mission of the organization. 

Points of Light has produced an instructive video on service enterprises, including the concept and the national initiative it’s leading, in partnership with CaliforniaVolunteers.

Research conducted by Deloitte identified these eight characteristics as consistent and critical practices for nonprofit service enterprises:

NSE Characteristics

Service Enterprise Initiative
Points of Light, is leading the national Service Enterprise Initiative, in partnership with CaliforniaVolunteers, and is working closely with eighteen hub organizations to boost the number of certified Service Enterprises. These hubs, typically Volunteer Centers, offer extensive training and consulting to nonprofits that want to deepen their thinking and practices on volunteer engagement.  Find out if there is a hub in your community and learn about organizations that have become certified.