Converting good intentions in to greater impact

Nonprofit Tools & Resources

Nonprofit Tools & Resources

Reimagining Service believes that one way to increase the impact of volunteering is to learn more and adopt, as appropriate, several effective characteristics of volunteer engagement. Research from Deloitte and TCC Group has identified eight characteristics as consistent and critical practices for maximizing volunteer impact; below you'll find resources on six of those characteristics.

Cross-Sector Partnerships

  • Let's Talk about Partnerships
    The 2014 Reimagining Service Forum at the Conference on Volunteering and Service focused on the topic of maximizing volunteer impact through effective cross-sector partnerships. Find out from the participants their point of view on how to create and sustain fruitful volunteer engagement partnerships with companies.

Executive Leadership

Additional Literature on Executive Leadership

Strategic Resource Allocation

  • Volunteer2's Return on Investment Calculators
    There are three Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators -  1) Basic Reporting Calculator; 2) Basic Predictive Calculator; and 3) Advanced Predictive Calculator - created by Volunteer2 to assist your organization in determining the value of your volunteer investments over time to help guide decision making. You can also listen to the audio of the April 22013 webinar in mp3 format, fast forward 10 minutes for the official start to the webinar and read follow-up responses to two questions.

Additional Literature on Strategic Resource Allocation

Effective Training

  • Everyone Ready ® Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program
    An in-depth paid training program for your workforce on 39 critical volunteer management topics produced by Energize, Inc.  This quality online training program - Flash® seminars, self-instruction guides, discussion boards and more - is taught by an international cohort of faculty with expertise in volunteerism.
  • Readiness Roadmap 
    A free resource that outlines eight steps for nonprofits as they prepare for pro bono services,
    created by the Nonprofit Collaborative convened by Capital One Financial Corporation in partnership with Common Impact, Points of Light, and Taproot Foundation.

Additional Literature on Effective Training

Clear Expectations

Ongoing Fundraising