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January 2015 Reimagining Service announces it will sunset its operations at the end of the month.  Read more about the decision and access our summary report.

January 2015 Findings are released from our 2014 nonprofit-company partnerships survey of more than 80 nonprofit leaders, which investigated how their organizations partner with companies to recruit and organize volunteers, the nature of those partnerships and their value. Another resource on this topic is Let's Talk About Partnerships, which offers tips from leaders in the volunteer engagement community about how to create and sustain fruitful volunteer engagement partnerships with companies. 

December 2014 – Reimagining Service releases new resources related to effective volunteer engagement in the public sector with a new study, case study, and blog post.

November 2014 – Our twelfth case study featuring the High Impact Volunteer Engagement pilot, which is a statewide skills-based volunteer initiative in New Hampshire, is released.

August 2014 Reimagining Service launches Principles in Action, a four-part blog series that looks at how the four core principles of Reimagining Service have come to life. Visit the Imaginings Blog and select the category: Principles in Action to see all four articles. 

December 2013 – Reimagining Service integrates with the Presidio Institute.  Core to the approach of both Reimagining Service and the Presidio Institute is the belief that cross-sector solutions and leadership are necessary to address the “great societal challenges of our time.”

December 2013 – Our ninth case story featuring successful approaches to strategic volunteer engagement was released; seven of the nine case stories were developed by Bank of America Fellows.

July 2013 –Reimagining Service Council members have compiled a list of leading articles - research articles, monographs, and studies - on volunteerism, in collaboration with the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service.

July 2013 – Several Reimagining Service Council members discussed ideas with Northern California Grantmakers members related to "Investing in Human Capital to Drive Greater Impact.” This meeting replicated similar efforts with Philanthropy New York and CECP.

July 2013 – Two Reimagining Service resources on service enterprise research are released. The first resource, Positive Deviant" Service Enterprise Research Short Summary, explores the study methodology of the TCC Group’s Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), key findings, and implications for volunteer engagement.  The second resource, Sample Grant Language Using TCC Group's CCAT Data, offers ready-to-go grant language that links TCC Group data on volunteering to nonprofit effectiveness.

June 2013 – Six Straight to the Point summaries that highlight best practices related to the various dimensions measured in the inaugural Civic 50, in partnership with Points of Light and the National Conference on Citizenship, are released.

November 2012 In partnership with Volunteer2, several Return on Investment (ROI) calculators are developed.

June 2012 – Reimagining Service begins to play a key project management role (through December 2013) in support of the CaliforniaVolunteers Service Enterprise Initiative in partnership with Points of Light. The CaliforniaVolunteers Service Enterprise Initiative offers relevant, comprehensive and transformative training and support to nonprofits aspiring to achieve the Service Enterprise standard of volunteer engagementIn addition, Reimagining Service launches an endorsement effort that highlights forward-thinking initiatives, tools or resources to amplify volunteer engagement. To date, Reimagining Service has made six endorsements.

April 2012 – Reimagining Service established the Bank of America Service Leadership Fellows Program through a generous multi-year grant from Bank of America. The Program provides opportunity for graduate students from Georgetown University's Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership at the McCourt School of Public Policy, the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, and the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership, Haas School of Business, at University of California, Berkeley to develop and apply their skill sets in support of Reimagining Service.

Spring 2012 – Reimagining Service’s effective corporate practice characteristics informed the seven scoring dimensions of The Civic 50, a comprehensive ranking of S&P 500 companies that demonstrate civic engagement practices. Additionally, the effective corporate practice characteristics also shape the award criteria for the annual Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence (CEAE) offered by Points of Light.

January 2012 - The Nonprofit Service Enterprise Quiz debuts giving organizations a quick assessment of their volunteer engagement practices against the characteristics of nonprofit service enterprises.

March 2011 – Kaira Esgate was hired as the founding Executive Director to further expand Reimagining Service’s efforts to increase social impact through effective volunteer engagement.

June 2010 – CommonGood Careers, Deloitte, Taproot Foundation, and The TCC Group conducted four Reimagining Service research projects that provide additional perspective on the world of service and volunteerism. Additionally, the term Service Enterprise is coined; a Service Enterprise is a nonprofit or for-profit organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on the social mission of the organization.

December 2010 - A 26-member Council is formed with representatives from multiple sectors involved with volunteerism. The coalition seeks to increase the impact of volunteers through: practice, research, and funding and identifies four principles to guide its work. Read more about Reimagining Service's principles and summary of research findings.

October 2010– Reimaging Service is affiliated with Points of Light, the world's leading nonprofit volunteer organization.

October 2009 – A Reimagining Service report is released at the Presidential Forum on Service Roundtable at the George Bush Presidential Library Center on the campus of Texas A&M University. This report is filled with purposeful principles, action groups organized into five areas, and an inspiring call for multi-sector support in implementing the key steps.

June 2009 – After surveying three hundred nonprofits and conducting an extensive literature review, the Reimagining Task Force convened for the first time and uses the findings from this research project to inform the agenda of the gathering. The Task Force was formed to increase the impact of volunteers and their ability to address our country's most pressing social issues.

April 2009 – Inspired by our nation's Call to Service, five conveners representing the nonprofit, governmental, and private sector launch Reimagining Service with the strong belief that there was opportunity to deepen the impact of volunteers.

April 2009 – The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act is signed into law by President Obama. This landmark legislation calls for the dramatic growth of service and volunteer opportunities that will address key social issues.