Converting good intentions in to greater impact

Company Case Studies

Company Case Studies

Looking for examples of how companies around the country are putting the Reimagining Service Principles into action, check out the case studies below:


Principle 1:  The volunteer ecosystem is more effective when all sectors participate in its evolution.


“You have talent that these organizations need, just like your business. And it's a give-get. You provide your talent and they provide an inspirational experience that might open your eyes a bit.”


Principle 2:  Make volunteering a core strategic function, not an add-on.

“We've always done pro bono work and we clearly see the value internally. We use it as a development area for our people. It's really embedded in our value system. To us, it's accelerating the development of our employees and making better professionals. They need to understand the global markets; they need to understand the broader communities in which we operate.” 


Principle 3:  Focus volunteer engagement on true community needs.

We probably did 800 dollars' worth of painting, and we probably spent ten thousand dollars' worth of management time and labor. Why should I feel good about all the value that I destroyed today?


Principle 4:  In order to get a return, you have to invest.

“Bain does about 80 pro bono projects a year, and 60% of those projects have people 100% allocated for at least several months. We provided over $40 million of pro bono consulting services in 2011 alone.”