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Pro Bono Service

Pro Bono Help Can Do Far More for Nonprofits Than Save Money

By Aaron Hurst, Reimagining Service Council Member - Donors Choose has become one of the most successful nonprofits in America. It is based on a simple idea: that teachers are struggling to get money for basic supplies and have creative ideas for bringing their subject matter to life that require just small sums. To achieve that success, the group didn’t have a vast staff. Instead, its founder, Charles Best, sought as much donated support as he could get. Technology professionals have given their time to help the group build a constantly evolving efficient marketplace for teachers and donors. Today, that same approach to using pro bono help is aiding the organization as it matures. Pro bono service accounts for over 20 percent of its budget. American Express, for example recently provided the group with a team of analysts to figure out how viable the approach of matching donors and teachers would be over the long haul.

Pro Bono Service, it’s Not Just for Large Corporations

By Jeff Hoffman, Reimagining Service Council Member - Often when one hears the term pro bono you think of a law firm. True, but pro bono service can be provided by most any business. In recent years companies have been using their intellectual capital to help solve some of society’s most pressing issues. The same intellectual capital that creates new technology, designs marketing campaigns or guides large workforces. Some call it skills-based volunteering, some call it pro bono. Sometimes it is on the clock and sometimes it is not. What is important is that more businesses are helping organizations be more effective in achieving their missions through brain power.