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Bank of America Fellows Program

Personal and Nonprofit Innovation and Flexibility: The Bank of America Service Leadership Fellows Program

By Jennifer Prats, Bank of America Fellow - As a Bank of America Graduate Student Fellow with Reimagining Service, the words “innovation” and “flexibility” have been recurring motifs throughout my experience. In the nonprofit world, with it’s shrinking resources, fostering innovation and testing new volunteer engagement practices is critical to doing more in a world with less. As a Fellow specializing in nonprofit issues, I have learned about new innovations and practices in the field and have been challenged to be innovative and develop new skills.

Thinking Differently and Taking Measured Risks: A Recap of Reimagining Service Forum

By Natalie Holmes, a Bank of America Fellow and a second-year graduate student at Georgetown Public Policy Institute - The volunteer ecosystem is more effective when all three sectors are involved, and strategic volunteer engagement has the innovative potential to benefit organizations across sectors—as the Forum’s expert panel attested. We need only be willing to think differently, take measured risks, and get serious about investing in this untapped resource.

From Service Novice to Champion: What Reimagining Service and the Bank of America Fellows Program Has Meant To Me

By Thea Arnold, a summer 2012 Bank of America Fellow Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on what being a Bank of America Fellow at Reimagining Service has meant to me. In trying to convey these thoughts here, I think it's best to pause a moment to also reflect on what the program signals in a broader context: this is a corporate sponsored fellowship on behalf of a multi-sector coalition working on an issue far too long seen as the sole purview of the nonprofit sector—volunteerism. This new approach is what Reimagining Service is all about.