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By Brian Agnew, spring and summer 2014 Bank of America Service Leadership Fellow with Reimagining Service - Principle 4: In order to get a return, you have to invest. We recently surveyed Reimagining Service signatories, who support our four principles, to ask how they’re bringing Principle 4 to life; they offered examples and some recommendations. Through the process of becoming a certified Service Enterprise[1], the Community Food Bank team, including President and CEO Andy Souza, recognized that volunteers can also fuel the organization in other ways, boosting ROI. This emerging point of view, coupled with expansive growth for the organization, is raising questions about the type of investment needed for the volunteer manager position. One possible idea that Andy is considering in order to expand the organization’s volunteer engagement strategy is to elevate the classification for the volunteer manager position from a staff member in the programs department to a supervisor level, although it requires additional financial resources. It is an investment that Andy is betting will pay off.

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Post date: 10/21/2014