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By James Weinberg, partner at AchieveMission and member of the Reimagining Service Council - Recognizing that volunteers represent a significant portion of the human capital that drives the social sector, high-performing organizations need to ensure that their human capital management systems are capable of being adapted to include best practices in volunteer management. Reimagining Service has made significant strides in helping to raise awareness of these issues and disseminate best practices.

In support of the work of Reimagining Service, we at AchieveMission wanted to take a few moments to reflect on some of the perspectives and practices in human capital management that we have seen nonprofits adapt well, to address skill-based professional volunteer opportunities:

1) Recruit: Define your needs and attract the best possible talent for that role. Just as you do with paid positions, you need to define the role based on the organization’s needs and the core competencies that lead to success in that role. Undertake concerted recruitment efforts in order to attract a significant number of talented individuals for every volunteer opportunity. Determine fit by asking and seeking to understand your potential volunteers’ motivations and interests.

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Post date: 12/17/2013

By Jane Leighty Justis, executive director of The Leighty Foundation and Reimagining Service Council member - The events of the last few years have changed our country’s landscape – at least for the foreseeable future. A crippled economy has caused escalating needs and dramatically shrinking financial resources. Nonprofit organizations will be required to engage communities in new ways to accomplish their missions in the wake of these tsunami-like changes. One of the chief strategies that the Leighty Foundation is seeing in response to this challenging economic climate is a renewed interest from nonprofits to fully engage volunteers to serve as critical resources. The Leighty Foundation, a long-time believer in the effectiveness of volunteer engagement, made a commitment to fund the 18-month Pikes Peak Volunteer Engagement Initiative that aimed to increase the volunteer capacity of 22 organizations.

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Post date: 12/02/2013