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Posts for March, 2013

By Tony Goodrow, President of Volunteer2, which specializes in software to help you engage volunteers effectively and efficiently. If a nonprofit truly values the time of their volunteer, why is there pressure on managers of volunteers to increase the number of hours volunteered continually, without a correlated look at what outputs are generated with those hours?
Posted by: Season
Post date: 03/18/2013

By Jane Leighty Justis, The Leighty Foundation and Reimagining Service Council Member - As small foundations, we are always looking for leverage. Where and how can we invest our assets in ways that will produce the best returns? Will organizations we funded in the past survive these times of shrinking resources and growing needs?

We must encourage and support our grantees as they reimagine how to accomplish their missions with fewer resources. The effective engagement of additional volunteer resources is an obvious part of the solution.

Posted by: Season
Post date: 03/04/2013